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London An Ultimate Travelers Destination

tumblr_mfybprbPZx1s1mixgo1_500The home of the famous Buckingham Palace, London is a special treasure for any tourist to explore! It will even become more valuable when the Olympics will be held in 2012. If you are currently planning for tripping this largest city of the European Union, know that you are about to discover the global cultures, fashions, and luxuries whether historical or natural! By this I mean, that with the natural appealing style of the Thames that ascends high up to the legendary Tower Bridge and the spinning London Eye, you are going to be truly mesmerized by the sights and activities here. With the quickly changing climate in the year, you can choose summer as your time of tour.63950-640x360-london-icons2-640

One of the must London things to do is to leisurely stroll via the Royal Parks of the city. I would recommend starting it from the Paddington station from where it is really exciting to move towards the Hyde Park, St James Park, Kensington Gardens, and Green Park where you can see the Buckingham Palace after which you cross the Trafalgar Square, South Bank of River Thames, and Waterloo Station. This would take your half a day and in between, you can halt at many places for eating, sitting, and shopping.

Among the incredible London things to do is the summer skating. Yes, skating in summer! Look for a live roller skating area offering street hockey, dance venues, freestyle slalom, speed skating, and recreational skating. Most of the venues are flanking the Hyde Park as well as the Kensington Gardens.

Usually held during the September’s third weekend is the Open House London Weekend. This is the time when a majority of the most appealing structures that are not otherwise open, welcome one and all for an exciting tour. The only that you need to find out is that which of them need booking in advance. It goes without saying that you need to perform this search online.83703896_TowerofLondon2

Nestled on the Cromwell road is the Natural History Museum that is rated as excellent free-entry gallery housing several permanent as well as temporary displays related to geology, animals, and plants of different nations. Among all the exhibits, the main highlight is the permanent dinosaur exhibition. Just be ready to face the crowd here.

Nestled on the Cromwell road is the Natural History Museum that is rated as excellent free-entry gallery housing several permanent as well as temporary displays related to geology, animals, and plants of different nations. Among all the exhibits, the main highlight is the permanent dinosaur exhibition. Just be ready to face the crowd here.


Do taste the Bangaldeshi curries at the Brick Lane as well as some Indian delicacies at the Drummond Street. No matter where you go, restaurant or pub, just remember that smoking is totally banned!


The world has amazing and breathtaking attractions to offer to the humankind. Some love to explore natural beauties, some love historical places, and some hunts for the other attractions. Being a traveller, I have always gone to explore places of different interests. This time, as I was in London for some work, I thought to see the other attractions that could give me past and modern blend. Besides the major landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, I planned to visit this time at the National Gallery of London.

London is a fantastic place in Europe that offers almost everything. The National Gallery lies in the Trafalgar Square of London, Great Britain, which is among the largest art galleries in the world. The National Gallery is the pride of Europe, as it houses vast collection of beautiful paintings. While I entered the building, the entire environment has changed suddenly, giving me a deep pleasure of the past life through the paintings of prominent painters. It was John Julius Angerstein, who born in the year 1735 in St. Petersburg. He discovered the rising interests in fine arts and started building his own private collection of paintings by Italian, Flemish, and German masters.
Until the year 1823 when he died, he had a collection of 38 paintings. These painting were offered for sale to the government and were purchased by the House of Commons for 57,000 pounds. The major problem aroused was of suitable building where those paintings could be displayed. The painting was then housed in the own London house of Angerstein, which is an exclusive residence on Pall Mall. The history started from here and lasted for a long until the National Gallery was came into existence.

The National Gallery offers amazing and renowned paintings including the 1750’s Mr. and Mrs. Andrews done by Thomas Gainsborough. If you are an art fanatic, you simply cannot miss to visit this world popular gallery. One of theScreen-shot-2011-04-15-at-8.19.36-AM major examples of Renaissance paintings that could be found at this gallery is the Birth of Christ, 1470 done by Piero della Francesca.

As the National Gallery of London is one of the largest art museums in the world, you can see various works of prominent painters like Raffael, Titian, Holbein the younger, Rubens, and EI Greco. Besides them, you can also see works done by great British artists like Reynolds, Constable, and Gainsborough. Number of exhibits took place in the museum that offergreat works and will definitely entice you to the fullest.

Experiencing such a great museum has changed my life and views about the fine arts. My respect towards art works has increased and I hope to visit some other art museums during my next vacation. Housing among the finest collection of western European paintings, London’s National Gallery has a charming power to grab complete attentions of the visitors.